'Render Me Useless' EP

by Set The Score

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Here is our debut EP 'Render Me Useless'.

All music written and performed by Set The Score and Christopher Vernon.
All lyrics written by Michael Romeo.
Additional vocals on ‘Waste’ performed by Daniel Stevens of Ambleside.

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Christopher Vernon at Perception Studios.
Additional Drum Engineering & Mastering by Declan White.
Additional Engineering by Darcy Handley at Perception Studios.
Additional Vocal Production/Engineering on ‘Waste’ by Jackson Buckler.

Artwork by Jon Betts.
Additional Artwork Editing by Jon Pisani.

We would like to thank:
Christopher Vernon, Declan White, Liam Saunders, Darcy Handley, Daniel Stevens, Jackson Buckler, Manny at Dreambound, Anthony Sheppard, Jon Betts, Jarrod Alonge, Shock Records, our friends and family, every band that we've been lucky enough to share the stage with, and everyone who continues to support our band by listening to our music, buying a shirt or coming to a show. Thank you!


released March 22, 2015




Set The Score Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Erase Me
Render me useless
I'm a shell of who I used to be
And I struggle to make sense
Over why my life is so fucking empty

Nothing to say, nothing to give
Cause every time I push myself to relate
I'm reminded of why I never bothered in the first place

All this time I thought I needed help (needed help)
All I needed was to help myself (help myself)

Quick to point the finger and reflect the blame

Sorry if i ever came across as vain
I never took the time to see what life gave me

I fucking hate myself, I was so blind
Nothing worth doing is ever easy
So why cant i make up my mind?

Erase me, block me out
Why would anyone believe the shit that comes out of my mouth?
Sometimes i just want to run away
But what kind of person would that make me?
Faking a smile only goes so far
When you don't believe in the person you are
It doesn't matter how hard you try
just give up, you'll never be happy
Track Name: Mask
Transparent intentions, you can't fool me
Craving attention, no sign of apathy

You think that you're so slick
Walking around with your head up in the clouds
Talking shit like you're fucking perfect
But you're just another face in the crowd
I can't even see you now (see you now)

But I can tell that sooner or later
The cracks will show, the curtain will fall
And everyone will learn
You're a fake and you know it

Give it a rest (give it a rest)
I feel so fucking stressed
Should have never let you in (to begin with)

But I can tell that sooner or later
The cracks will show, the curtain will fall
And everyone will learn
You're a fake and you know it (you know it)

So blinded
By denial
Stuck in this lie that you live
You just take and take
But you never give

I'm never gonna be the same
Can't you see what you became
Deep down i know that you're afraid
It's clear to see
Track Name: Six Feet Under
Where the hell have you been?
You never come around anymore
Where the hell have you been?
I guess I'll catch you when we're six feet under ground
Track Name: Decay
You're down and out for the count
but I'll be better off without you in my way (in my way)

Have you ever contemplated
That the world doesn't revolve around you?
I get so fucking frustrated when everything you say is the same
It's always the same

Cause I know it's never going to change.

It's such a shame to see you this way
You waste your days getting high
I can't apart of your so-called life
Why can't you just get it through your head?
So take another drag and keep clouding your thoughts
Let's get this straight.

Six months ago you were nearly dead
I was there when you needed a friend
But I don't think I could go through all of that again
You claim it's all apart of your plan
But when did they ever pan out?
When did they ever?

You turned your back on the world
Threw it all away
Took it in your stride
It's just another day but
You can't keep living this way
Death is waiting around the corner
If you don't want to change

It's all in your head
I just wish you would use it
Track Name: Waste (ft. Daniel Stevens of Ambleside)
Sleeping for half the day
Waking up in a haze
The last year has been that way
Wasted time that I'll never replace

I just want to wake up to myself

I tried so hard but I couldn't change
The pressure was making me sick
I can see where I went wrong
But I've been on this path for so long, so long now

Still searching for substance
If only I knew what I wanted
I'm so indecisive (I'm so indecisive)
When it comes to making up my mind

I want to bury myself so I can sleep at night
Some call me cynical but life has never been that bright
Temptation is calling me towards the light
But I'm not going anywhere without a fight
I just hope that there's truth in the words I write

I tried so hard but I couldn't change
The pressure was making me sick
I can see where I went wrong
But I've been on this path for so long, so long now
My life stopped but the world kept spinning around me
While I did nothing

I've been beating myself up
'Cause no one would say
You're life's a fucking joke but you'll be okay
The fact of the matter is I'm a disgrace
Just a 20 year old waste of space
Brace yourself for the tidal wave
I'll fill your head with negativity
What's so good about being me?
What's so wrong about being afraid?

I've been holding my breath for so long
Where do you turn when you don't have anything anymore?
I've been holding my breath for so long
But I don't know how much longer I can hold on